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Smart card coupler for Eltron, Zebra, Fargo, Datacard, & Evolis card printers

Personalize your smart card application using your PC based card printer quickly and easily.

Printplex from CardLogix is a low-cost solution for encoding contact smart cards for any application. This powerful API is matched to a hardware coupler for encoding smart cards without expensive and specialized equipment. Printplex is designed to work with all Dye Sublimation card printer models from Evolis™, Zebra™/Eltron™, DataCard™ Fargo™ and many others.

The DLL format of the Printplex™ API integrates and enables your application, with hooks to development and programming environments such as HTML, Java, C++, Visual Basic, Delphi, Oracle and Sybase.

Printplex™ enables rapid software development with clear documentation and programming examples. It includes multiple high-security commands for authentication, cardholder verification and a variety of encryption algorithms.

Printplex™ and the CardLogix coupler are the tools you need to deal with the complex requirements of card issuance with multiple applications, security settings and printing equipment. These products, integrated with your application, will enable personalization at the point of card issuance with the greatest degree of flexibility available today.

  • Supports Windows NT 4.0, 2000, XP, and Vista.
  • Fully scalable; supports a large variety of CardLogix memory and microprocessor cards.

Item Description Part Number Price
Printplex & Coupler USB port, DB9-M output connectors 4 700 003 $450.00
Wall Adapter (US) 115 VAC - 60 Hz, 9 VDC @500 mA 8 300 006 $10.00
Wall Adapter (Euro) 220 VAC - 50 Hz, 9 VDC @500 mA 8 300 015 $15.00
Evolis Adapter Direct plug-in to smart card adapter 8 300 008 $20.00
DataCard 285 Adapter DB9-F to DB9-M port changer 8 300 028 $20.00
Eltron Adapter Direct plug-in to smart card adapter 8 300 008 $20.00
Fargo Adapter DB9-F to DB9-M port changer 8 300 029 $20.00
NOTE: DB9 connectors are also known as DBE connectors.