M.O.S.T. Toolz®
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The World's Most Complete Smart Card Application Development Kit

Smart Toolz® is a comprehensive suite of software and hardware components that includes everything you need to develop contact and contactless memory smart card applications. The toolkit features the CardAppz® software, enabling marketing professionals to fully demonstrate card capabilities within a completely configurable card database and system. Also included is the Card Configuration Utility, which allows designers to configure card parameters, load card data, and communicate with cards through the supplied Winplex® middleware.

Smart Toolz™ Includes

Smart Toolz smart card development kit contents
  • Five different Contact Memory Smart Cards
  • Five different Contactless Memory Smart Cards
  • Dual-Interface USB (contact & contactless) reader/writer
  • Winplex® middleware, with programming examples for C++, .NET, and Visual Basic
  • Card Configuration Utility software
  • Demo reader configuration utility software
  • CardAppz® software

System Features

  • Fastest application development tools available
  • Complete toolset—no additional software necessary
  • Wide range of reader choices, pre- and post-design
  • Enhanced data security through the Card Configuration Utility software and Winplex middleware
  • Robust, customizable card application demonstration software using supplied templates
  • Full support for Mifare class cards
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